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Anniversary Quest arrives
Two more weeks of the Kickstart Event
1.5x exp continues and we are adding 1.5x drops on top of that
WoE: TE activated for Sunday Morning soft launch with a trial time of 10am-11am. We are going to continue the poll and gather feedback this week to make a final determination for the time for next week.
Kafra placed next to Old Glast Heim Entrance
Items added to mailing list:
Thorn Plant Seed, Blood Sucker Plant Seed, Mandragora Flowerpot, Glistening Coat, Banana Bomb
Buy shop list expanded:
Transformation scrolls, Takoyaki, Sea God's Anger
Gramps Turn Ins:
Low TI: Gajomart/Elder
Mid TI: Raydric/Flame Skull
High TI: Imp/Miming
Bug fixes:
-Jumping Janeway Kickstart NPC now gives proper job exp for hunting Savages
-Bounty Board VIP warp now transports to Juno Field 11
-Temporal Int Boots now give proper MATK bonus when upgraded
-Cool Event Co Representative in Hugel now properly opens extra storage for VIPs
-Fixed RWC Commemorative Pin ATK/MATK special

1.5x EXP and Drops until the end of the month
New 500pt Lucky box
Anniversary Quest
Random Morroc map monster spawns depart now that Satan Morroc has arrived
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