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|- iRO Chaos - Mantenimiento 16/10/2013
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-Enriched Hammer event ends
-Woe Time/Date change is being discussed in the thread here
-OktoberBOX lucky box arrives
-Jump event, reduced exp required to level 1-60, non expanded class job levels 1-50
Turn ins:
70-100: Pasana/ Lude
101-125: Loli Ruri/Ancient Mimic
126-150 Incarnation of Morroc (demon)/Miming
-Champion monsters arrive
-The following monsters will now be dropping NEW cards!
Little Fatum
Angra Mantis
Red Eruma
-Eden Warper NPCs added to Mora (next to tool shop) and Eclage (next to entrance)
-Fixed missing view image of Kafra Blossom Card
-Fixed inventory tab labels
-Removed fixed camera on Cursed Abbey 01 -03 in nameless island
-Tao Gunka card update from kRO: When equipped it will no longer show a change in the stat window, it will show a debuff icon. Def and MDef reduction changed from 50 to 50%.
October Spooky Box contents
proposed, not yet finalized this is posted to let you guys know what we are working on.
Costume Gloomy Pumpkin head
Costume Lude Mask
Costume Cube mask
Costume Witch's Hat
+20 Basic Food Pack
Very Red Juice
Very Soft Plant
400x KVM Badge
7x Battle Manual X3

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