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On to the notes!
Based on feedback to last week's question, we will be doing a spotlight on Geffen starting next week so we can get quests and other spotlight bonuses ready.
Kickstart (not jump) event should be testing this week. The idea is that instead of players jumping instantly to level 70 to have more, smaller jumps to help players get quickly through the early levels with more effort needed.
Bounty Board Testing gets underway. These are repeatable EXP quests that will be available in Juno. Next to the Tool Shop will be our NPC, who will warp VIPs to the hunt maps. When completing the quest, you receive zeny equivalent to what you'd get from Gramps!
Just one more week of the Enriched upgrading event!
I believe that we are going with these for the Turn Ins:
Low: Rybio/Breeze
Mid: Loli Ruri/Ragged Zombie
High: Eremes/Bradium Golem

-Geffen Spotlight Begins
-Jump event on classic: exp required to advance to the next level cut in half up to base level 50, first job level 50.
-One more week of the May Groove Pack
-Abyss lake event in until June 4th
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