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CLIENT UPDATE: Monster health bars appear beneath the creature you are fighting. When you hit a monster once it will display it's health.

The Glast Heim Spotlight returns to the land of wind and ghosts, replaced by the not at all scary or sinister Lighthalzen Spotlight!
-Monsters that appear in Lighthalzen's fields and dungeons will be receiving a boost of exp, drops and spawns!
-Kafra NPC appearance returns to normal
150% Monster exp and drops continues until 11/12
Halloween Event continues until 11/12
VIP bonus exp/drops continues until 11/12
Endless Tower Update:
Last week we made a change to the entry mechanics of Endless tower, but I did not remember to note that the changes were taking place or how they would work in the maint. thread. This caused a lot of confusion, when players attempted to run ET like they usually do-I apologize for the miscommunication. There has been a lot of feedback from players who are voicing alternate solutions to address the abuse of ET. We are talking about these are working to get measures in place to prevent exploits while avoiding as much as possible harming the experience of normal users.
For this week we are planning to put the following changes in:
-2 Ashes of Darkness are given upon entering ET
-These are required to re-enter the tower if you are disconnected
-The Ashes have a 4 hour timer on them so they will expire in the same time as you have to re-enter the tower.
-THere is still a save point for re-entry on level 50.
Kafra and Tool dealer NPCs will be added to the Alchemist Guild for convenience in brewing.
New Box with enchantable costume headgears and the first costume back item:

Turn ins:
Low: Stemworm, Rafflesia
Mid: Ground Deleter, Wakwak
High: Imp, Salamander
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