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|- Mantenimiento 06/08/2014
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The notes:
Bounty board dialog cleaned up
El Dicastes and Umbala Bounty boards added to their respective towns
White Drooping Eddga hat will no longer be equippable in WoE TE
King Poring Event ends
Exp event continues for one more week.
Item descriptions fixed:
*Green Pettie Egg Aspd -1% -> Aspd +1%
*Updated names of Champion Pinguicula monsters to corrected spelling.
*Monster Transformation Scroll will now properly list their buffs
*Wand of Affection Will Properly Display its weapon Level
*Skull Ring [1] Will properly display it's undead resistance bonus
*Temportal [Stat] Boots will not properly only have one Space between words in the name
*Evil Snake Lord Card will now properly list the status effects it defends against
*Dolomedes Card changed AN -> an
*Heroic backpack description made slightly less confusing... but only slightly
*Peuz Plate properly lists it's set as a peuz set
*Tower Keep Card converted to a suffix
*Empowered Wand of Affection Now properly lists it's chance to cast Silentium
*Vagabond Wolf Hat properly lists its weight
*Vanargand Helm Correctly lists its mdef value
Turn Ins:
low: Breeze/Rybio
Mid: Aunoe/Fanat
High: Banshee/Cenere
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