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Título: Mantenimiento 12/05/2016
Publicado por: IceWolf en 13 de Mayo de 2016, 15:17
The Enriched and Generous hammer events are leaving this week's maintenance
Episode 15.1 is arriving!
New Maps: Verus City excavation site
New Quests: Help the Phantasmagorika Project become a success!
New Instance: Charleston Crisis
New equipment for Mechanic Class characters
Putting up info for the access quest in the guide ( section
Please report (in detail) any issues you run into, post-update here (
Morroc is finally rebuilt after the the defeat of Satan Morroc!
New Turn Ins!
Low: Sleeper/Deviruchi
Mid: Feruis/Fanat
High: Gold Acidus/Seyren Windsor