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New Groove Pack for 150kp! What kind of consumable items would you like to see? Going to pop in some equipment and costumes from pRO in the pack.
One more week of the current spotlight (need to extend it a week)
We're going to try reducing the amount of EXP homunculi need to level up by 25%! We're adjusting the exp tables so hopefully this will work.
[Chaos]Janeway returns for one more week so you can turn in your completed kill quests.
RWC Boxes leave the Kafra Shop.
Kitcoin enchanting NPC returns
Sheila Boxter will be assisting with Prontera Costume Pack headgears
Clock Tower 2 mobs increased
Nightmare Rideword +2
Nightmare Mimic +1
Big Ben +8
Neo Punk +8
Clock Tower 3 mobs increased
Nightmare Rideword +2
Nightmare Mimic +3
Big Bell+15
New Gramps TI:
Low: Evil Druid/Dark Priest
Mid: Zombie Slaughter/Aunoe
High: Parus/Miming
Costume Quve mask's bonus effect wasn't properly removed
Items that had a level 150 restriction will now have a 175
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