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Every 10 Groove packs purchased on an account will earn 1 Safe to 10 Certificate (deposited on the following Wednesday to Code the Redeemer). This counts since the sale started to when it ends.
Will update Gramps of course
-Ground and Flying Deleters
Ragged Zombie and Zombie Slaughter
135+ Doubled xp reward for the 135+-
-Group 1 – Cecil Damon and Eremes Guile
-Group 2 – Kathryne Keyron and Seyren-Windsor
-Group 3 – Margaretha Sorin and Howard Alt-Eisen
Special surprise update Malaya!
Double Exp will continue to May 22nd.
Mora exchanger, in mora, look for the Artifact Panhandler. Exchanges unwanted basic Mora gears for 2 Mora Coins (you have to wear the gear to trade in)
Boxter is recruited.
Eden Level 1 will now block all the normal indoor prohibited skills like Saturday Night Fever and Deep Sleep.
Sakray received an update today to test the instanced version of the summoner, please give some feedback on the cost, and the method of the hunting. It is only GTB and Khiel right now.

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