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|- Mantenimiento 22/10/2014
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VIP bonus to drops and exp continues for one more week
Shadow Item Box 3 added to Kafra Shop
2013 Halloween Headgear effects return and will last until December 3rd 2014
-Gloomy Pumpkin Hat, Lude Mask, Gozarian Mask, Witch's Pumpkin Hat
Lvl. 10 Mercenary scrolls and Mystical Amplification scrolls added to bulk buying shop list
Talk Like a Pirate Day ends, if you have leftover treasure maps, keep them for next year
Geffen Bounty Board NPCs will give the proper monster kill quests
Deviruchi and Marionette hunt quests moved to the 81-100 boards
We have been unable to adjust loyalty this week due to a quest variable conflict, please talk to the NPC again after maintenance. We have extended the event to November 5th.
Gramps Turn ins:
Low: Pasana/Rybio
Mid: Ancient Mimic/Abyssmal Knight
High: Antique Book/Pom Spider
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