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|- Mantenimiento 29/5/12
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Double EXP/Drops
Enriched Hammer/Eat Gear
The VIP plans with bonus KP included
May Groove Pack

Bonus to KP when converting from WPE ends 11am June 1st.

New TI

-Skel Prisoner / Rybio
-Alicel / Hillslion
-Kasa / Salamander

More information will be arriving close to maintenance.

Announcing the Ragnarok Film Festival! Make movies and send 'em in: Big Money Big Prizes, I LOVE IT

Because of the error that caused the spotlight event to revert to the previous one, the Kunlun spotlight will be extended for one more week.
Increased points when converting WP -> Kafra points continues until Friday 11am.
Boxter Continues until the 5th.
The 50 boxes of food will remain on sale until the 5th due to a purchasing hiccup with them.

Notice: We will be doing a 30-45 minute maintenance on the billing servers to fix the issues with the Ultimate Game Card at 7pm. The VIP+KP plans will also be leaving at that time.

UPDATE: We have received word from the billing team that the fix did not work properly, so they are re-scheduling for later during the evening. Thank you very much for your patience.

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