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ALGUNOS estan traducidos Chilenamente..al q no le gusto,que lo tradusca el  :D

// put at first, the minimum level to display the line
  1:To use one command, type it inside the message window where you usually type to chat.
 20:@h/@help - display this help guide.----->Esto sirbe para que aparescan todos los comandos paara gm
 20:@h2/@help2 - displays the second help guide.------>aqui salen los otros comandos!
  1:--- MESSAGE CMD ---
  1:@main [on|off|message] - Turns on or off global chat (@main must be on to see global chat messages)
  1:@noask - Auto rejects Deals/Invites---->rechasas cambios e invitaciones.
 20:@gmotd - Broadcasts the Message of The Day file to all players.
 20:@me <message> - Displays normal text as a message in this format: *name message* (like /me in mIRC)
 20:@fakename [Name] - Changes your name to your choice temporarly.
 20:@npctalk [NPC Name],[Message] - Forces a NPC to display a message in normal chat.
 40:/b/@broadcast <message> - Broadcasts a GM message with name of the GM (in yellow)--->escribes mensajes en amarillo
 40:/nb <message>/@kami <message> - Broadcasts a GM message without name of the GM (in yellow)-->escribes mensajes sin amarillo.
 40:@kamib <message> - Broadcasts a GM message without name of the GM (in blue)--->mensajes en azul
 40:/lb/@localbroadcast <message> - Broadcasts a GM message with name of the GM (in yellow) ONLY on your map--->un mensaje en amarillo con tu nombre solo a los de tu mapa.
 40:/nlb <message> - Broadcasts a GM message without name of the GM (in yellow) ONLY on your map--->un mensaje en amarillo sin tu nombre a toodos los de tu mapa
  1:@commands - Displays a list of commands that you can use.-->aqui sabes que comando puedes usar..
  1:@rates - Displays the server's current rates.-->aqui los rates del server
  1:@uptime - Displays how long the server has been online.
  1:@showdelay - Shows/Hides the "there is a delay after this skill" message.-->muestra la exp,item,el mostruo q mataste a todos los jugadores..
  1:@exp - Displays current levels and % progress
  1:@mobinfo/@monsterinfo/@mi [Mob ID|Part of monster name] - Shows Monster Info (rates, stats, drops, MVP stuff)-->recives informacion de un montruo
  1:@iteminfo/@ii [Item ID|Part of item name] - Shows Item info (type, price, etc)-->informacon de un item
  1:@whodrops [Item ID|Part of item name] - Shows who drops an item (mobs with highest drop rates)-->muestra los montruos que dropean ese item
  1:@version - Displays SVN version of the server-->muestra la version del emulador
  1:@email <actual@email> <new@email> - to change your e-mail (characters protection)
  1:@where [char name] - Tells you the location of a character-->te da la indicacion especifica donde estas parado
  1:@time/@date/@server_date/@serverdate/@server_time/@servertime - Display the date/time of the server--> la hora que es..
 10:@showexp - Displays/Hides Experience gained.-->muestra la exp obtenida.-
 10:@showzeny - Displays/Hides Zeny gained.------> muestra el zeny obtenido.-
 10:@mobsearch [Mob ID|Monster Name] - Shows the location of a certain mob on the current map.
 20:@who/@whois/@w [match_text] - Display a listing of who is online and their party/guild.-->quien esta en llinea
 20:@who2 [match_text] - Display a listing of who is online and their job.-->qn ta en linea y el job q es.
 20:@who3 [match_text] - Display a listing of who is online and where.--->te dise las mismas weas pero donde esta el wn..
 20:@whomap/@whomap2/@whomap3 [map] - like @who/@who2/@who3 but only for specifical map.-->qn esta en el mapa.
 20:@whogm [match_text] - Like @who+@who2+who3, but only for GM.-->q gm esta en linea
 40:@charcartlist <char name> - Displays all items of a player's cart.te da la lista de items de un user..
 60:@guildspy <guild_name/id> - You will receive all messages of the guild channel (Chat logging must be enabled)
 60:@partyspy <party_name/id> - You will receive all messages of the party channel (Chat logging must be enabled)
 99:@mapinfo [<0-3> [map]] - Give information about a map (general info +: 0: no more, 1: players, 2: NPC, 3: shops/chat).
  1:@die - Kills yourself---> te suicidas.
 10:@go <number/city_name> - Warps you to a city.--<te teletransportas a un ueblo o ciudad
 10:  -3: (Memo point 2)  1: morocc   5: izlude         9: yuno     13: niflheim
 10:  -2: (Memo point 1)  2: geffen   6: aldebaran     10: amatsu   14: louyang
 10:  -1: (Memo point 0)  3: payon    7: xmas (lutie)  11: gonryun  15: start point
 10:   0: prontera        4: alberta  8: comodo        12: umbala   16: prison/jail
 20:/shift/@jumpto/@warpto/@goto <char name> - Warps you to selected character
 20:@follow <char_name> - follow a player-->seguir jugador..xD
 20:@mountpeco - Give/remove you a peco (Class is required, but not skill)-->requiere clase swordman
 20:@disguise <monster_name_or_monster_ID> - Change your appearence to other players to a mob.-->te transformai en un monstruo a eleccion ejemplo @disguise poring >:(
 20:@undisguise - Restore your normal appearance.-->destranformacion de un monstruo
 20:@model <hair ID: 0-17> <hair color: 0-8> <clothes color: 0-4> - Changes your characters appearence.
 20:@size <1-3> Changes your size (1-Smallest 2-Biggest 3-Normal)-->cambias tu tamaño a 1pequeño,2gigante,3normal"
 40:/hide/@hide - Makes you character invisible (GM invisibility). Type /hide or@hide again become visible.--->te esconde 100% nada te ve,ni monster,ni user
 40:@save - Sets respawn point to current spot--->guardas un lugar..ejemplo si mueres apareces donde guardaste :o
 40:@load/@return - Warps you to your save point-->carga punto de guardado
 40:/mm//mapmove/@warp/@rura/@mapmove <mapname> <x> <y> - Warps you to the selected position--> te warpea a un lugar especifico sabiendo uno las cordenadas del mapa a transportar
 40:@jump [x [y]]- Randomly warps you like a flywing.--->te warpea a un lugar aleatorio
 40:@job/@jobchange <job ID> - Changes your job-->cambias tu job..
 40:   0: Novice           18: Alchemist      4015: Paladin
 40:   1: Swordman         19: Bard           4016: Champion
 40:   2: Mage             20: Dancer         4017: Professor
 40:   3: Archer           23: Super Novice   4018: Stalker
 40:   4: Acolyte        4001: High Novice    4019: Creator
 40:   5: Merchant       4002: High Swordman  4020: Clown
 40:   6: Thief          4003: High Mage      4021: Gypsy
 40:   7: Knight         4004: High Archer    4046: Taekwon
 40:   8: Priest         4005: High Acolyte   4047: Star Gladiator
 40:   9: Wizard         4006: High Merchant  4049: Soul Linker
 40:  10: Blacksmith     4007: High Thief     24: Gunslinger
 40:  11: Hunter         4008: Lord Knight    25: Ninja
 40:  12: Assassin       4009: High Priest
 40:  14: Crusader       4010: High Wizard
 40:  15: Monk           4011: Whitesmith
 40:  16: Sage           4012: Sniper
 40:  17: Rogue          4013: Assassin Cross
 40: ---- Baby Classes ----
 40: 4023: Baby          4024: Baby Swordman   4025: Baby Mage
 40: 4026: Baby Archer   4027: Baby Acolyte    4028: Baby Merchant
 40: 4029: Baby Thief    4030: Baby Knight     4031: Baby Priest
 40: 4032: Baby Wizard   4033: Baby Blacksmith 4034: Baby Hunter
 40: 4035: Baby Assassin 4037: Baby Crusader   4038: Baby Monk
 40: 4039: Baby Sage     4040: Baby Rogue      4041: Baby Alchemist
 40: 4042: Baby Bard     4043: Baby Dancer     4045: Super Baby
 40:   <param1>      <param2>      <p3>(stackable)   <param3>               <param3>
 40:   1 Petrified   (stackable)   01 Sight           32 Peco Peco riding   2048 Orc Head
 40:   2 Frozen      01 Poison     02 Hide            64 GM Perfect Hide    4096 Wedding Sprites
 40:   3 Stunned     02 Cursed     04 Cloak          128 Level 2 Cart       8192 Ruwach
 40:   4 Sleeping    04 Silenced   08 Level 1 Cart   256 Level 3 Cart
 40:   6 darkness    08 ???        16 Falcon         512 Level 4 Cart
 40:                 16 darkness                    1024 Level 5 Cart
 40:@heal [<HP> <SP>] - Heals the desired amount of HP and SP. No value specified will do a full heal.-->te recupera 100%
 40:@option <param1> <param2> <param3> - Adds different visual effects on or around your character-->ni idea!
 40:@dye/@ccolor <clothes color: 0-4> - Changes your characters appearence (only clothes color).--->cambia el color de ropa
 40:@hairstyle/@hstyle <hair ID: 0-17> - Changes your characters appearence (only hair style).-->cambia el estilo de pelo
 40:@haircolor/@hcolor <hair color: 0-8> - Changes your characters appearence (only hair color).-->cambia el color de pelo
 40:@speed <1-1000> - Changes you walking speed. 1 being the fastest and 1000 the slowest. Default 150. ---->aumenta tu velocidad "ejemplo 1 eres mas rapido q un peko Oo :P
 40:@effect <effect_id> [flag] - Give an efect to your character.--->le da efectos a los mapas
 40:@dropall - throws all your possession on the ground
 40:@storeall - puts all your possessions in storage
 40:@killable - make your character killable--->hace tu pj asecino
 40:@memo [memo_position] - set/change a memo location (no position: display memo points).--->memoriza un lugar
 40:@spiritball <number: 1-1000> - Gives you "spirit spheres" like from the skill "Call Spirits"
 40:   (If the number you use is > 1000, your server may become instable or crash)--->no tengo mucha idea..pero el pj llega a parecer atomo :-[
 40:@questskill <#> - Gives you the specified quest skill--->obtienes skill de quest...
 40:@lostskill <#> - Takes away the specified quest skill from you--->pierdes una skll
 40:@skillid <name> - look up a skill by name--->matas a un user ejemplo @skillid juanito...juanito kgo ;D
 40:@useskill <skillid> <skillv> <target> - use a skill on target
 40:  Novice                 Swordsman                  Thief                Merchant
 40:  142 = Emergency Care   144 = Moving HP Recovery   149 = Throw Sand     153 = Cart Revolution
 40:  143 = Act dead         145 = Attack Weak Point    150 = Back Sliding   154 = Change Cart
 40:  Archer                 146 = Auto Berserk         151 = Take Stone     155 = Crazy Uproar/Loud Voice
 40:  147 = Arrow Creation   Acolyte                    152 = Stone Throw    Magician
 40:  148 = Charge Arrows    156 = Holy Light                                157 = Energy Coat
 40: @skilltree <
 40: @marry <player1>,<player2> - marry two players--->no creo un gm sacerdote :-[
 40: @divorce <player>  - divorces the two players (you need just one name of them)--->divorciar :P
 60:@alive - Revives yourself from death--->revive
 60:@lvup/@blevel/@baselvlup <number of levels> - Raises your base level the desired number of levels. The max is 255 (User Defined).--->subes tu job a 99,255 o 1000
 60:@joblvup/@jlevel/@joblvlup <number of levels> -Raises your job level the desired number of levels. The max is 50 For Basic Classes. For Super Novice and Advanced Classes it is 70.-->subes tu job
 60:@allskill/@allskills/@skillall/@skillsall - Give you all skills.-->todas las skills
 60:@stpoint <number of points> - Gives you the desired number of stat points.obtienes puntos de stat
 60:@skpoint <number of points> - Gives you the desired number of skill points.-->obtienes puntos de skill
 60:@zeny <amount> - Gives you desired amount of Zeny.--->obtienes el zeny q quieras ejmplo @zeny 100000000
 60:@str,@agi,@vit,@int,@dex,@luk <amount> - Adds desired amount to any stat. For example "@str 10" raises your str by 10--->es mejor usar @statall
 60:@statall/@statsall/@allstats/@allstat [value] - Adds value in all stats (maximum if no value).-->aumenta todos los stats point.
 60: @addwarp <map name> <x coord> <y coord>--->agregas warp ejemplo si quieres un warp a mm payon escribes @addwarp pay 123 123,solo funciona hasta q se reinice el server...
 40:--- MONSTERS CMD ---
 40:@killmonster2 - kill all monsters of your map (without drops)-->mata todo los monstruos sin drop
 50:/monster <monster_name> - Spawns 1 of the desired monster. invoca 1 solo mono xD
 50:@spawn/@monster/@summon <monster_name_or_monster_ID> [<number to spawn> [<desired_monster_name> [<x coord> [<y coord>]]]]
 50:@monster2 <desired_monster_name> <monster_name_or_monster_ID> [<number to spawn> [<x coord> [<y coord>]]]
 50:@spawn/@monster/@summon/@monster2 "desired monster name" <monster_name_or_monster_ID> [<number to spawn> [<x coord> [<y coord>]]]
 50:@spawn/@monster/@summon/@monster2 <monster_name_or_monster_ID> "desired monster name" [<number to spawn> [<x coord> [<y coord>]]]
 50:   Spawns the desired monster with any desired name.--->invocas un monster "ejemplo spawn poring o 1002 q es la id del mosnter y 10 es la cantidad de monstruos..
 50:@monstersmall [Mob ID|Mob Name] - Spawns a smaller version of a monster.--->trasnforma los monster a pequeños.
 50:@monsterbig [Mob ID|Mob Name] - Spawns a larger version of a monster. --->Transforma los montruos a grande.-
 60:@killmonster [map] - kill all monsters of the map (they drop)---->mata todos los monstruo dejando el drop
 10:--- MISC CMD ---
 10:@autoloot [on|off|#] - Makes items go straight into your inventory.--->recoges toodo lo del suelo!
 10:@autotrade/@at - Allows you to vend while you are offline.---->auto cambio de:items,zeny
 10:@changegm [Player Name] - Changes the leader of your guild (You must be guild leader)-->cambia el lider de la guild.
 10:@changeleader [Player Name] - Changes the leader of your party (You must be party leader)-->cambia el lider de la party.
 20:@request [Message] - Sends a message to all connected GMs (via the gm whisper system)--->envia mensajes a todos los gms conectados via whipeo xP
 40:@sound [Path way to file in Data or GRF file] - Plays a sound from the data or grf file located on the client.----->Cambias la musica del mapa.-
 50:@clone [Player Name] - Spawns a supportive clone of the given player.---->No lo he usado..xD
 50:@slaveclone [Player Name] - Spawns a supportive clone of the given player that follows the creator around.---->No lo he usado..xD 50:@evilclone [Player Name] - Spawns an agressive clone of the given player.--->No lo he usado..xD
 60:@changesex - Changes your gender.------------>cambiar sexo " de M a F, de F a M(M=masculino,F=femenino)
  1:--- DUEL CMD ---
  1:@duel - Starts a duel.--------------------------->Iniciar duelo
  1:@invite - Invites a player to a duel.--------------> Invitar duelo ejemplo @duel eljuanito
  1:@accept - Accepts an invitation to a duel.------->aceptar invitacion de duelista.
  1:@reject - Rejects an invitation to a duel.--------->Rechazar "    "           "        "
  1:@leave - Leaves a duel.------------------------->salir de duelo.
  1:--- MAIL SYSTEM --- (SQL Only) (Must be enabled)
  1:@checkmail - Check # of messages.
  1:@listmail - List all messages.
  1:@listnewmail - List only new mail.
  1:@readmail - Read a message.
  1:@sendmail - Send mail.
  1:deletemail - Deletes a message.
 80:@sendprioritymail - Sends priority mail (cannot be deleted until read)
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