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"True memory is in the heart, not in the mind."

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« : 28 de Septiembre de 2008, 00:29 »

Esta guia es para poder tener el arma novice que quieres y el warp a la ciudad que quieres para cambiarte de job.

El chiste de esta encuesta es cada pregunta tiene un valor y se van acomulado en la clase que quieres escojer, si queires escojer una clase es especifico dale solo a las de esa clase e intentando variar en las otras clases para que no acomulen mas puntos que la clase que quieres.

"Do you wish to start Ragnarok Online immediately, or take this personality test course first?";
      "I'll take the course.
      Let me start Ragnarok Online please."
Dale que quieres tomar el curso en "I'll take the Course"

"Please choose the word";
"that best matches you from";
 "among the following.";
      "Study   (+1 Magician)
      Exercise (+1 Thief y +1 Swordman)
      Public service (+1 Acolyte)
      Violence"   (+1 Thief)
      "Change   (+1 Magician)
      Conserve" (+1 Acolyte)
      "Consumer  (+1 Swordman, +1 Thief y +1 Acolyte)
      Seller      (+1 Merchant)
      Producer" (+1 Magician
      "Celebrity  (+1 Thief)
      Prudence" (+1 Archer)
      "Theory    (+1 Magician)
      Experience" (+1 Swordman)
      "The Past (+1 Archer)
      Reality     (+1 Merchant y +1 Thief)
      The Future" (+1 Magician)
 "Please answer";
"'Yes' or 'No' to";
"the following questions.";

 "I'd rather die";
 "than live submissively.";
      "Yes. (+1 Swordman)
      No."  (+1 Thief y +1 Merchant)
"You are often upset";
"to see someone better";
 "than you.";
      "Yes.  (+1 Merchant)
      No."   (+1 Acolyte)
 "You don't mind";
 "exploring dangerous";
      "Yes. (+1 Swordman)
      No."  (+1 Magician)
 "You are";
 "a leader-type";

      "Yes.  (+1 Swordman)
      No."   (+1 Archer)
 "While exploring";
 "a dungeon, you run";
"into a dead end.";

 "However, there is a sign that reads 'Do Not Push' next to a stone that looks strangely like a button on the wall next to you.";
 "Do you give in";
 "to the urge to push";
 "this button?";
      "Yes.  (+1 Thief)
      No."   (+1 Swordman)
 "You often see";
 "things that don't exist.";
      "Yes.  (+1 Acolyte)
      No."   (+1 Magician)
 "If you fell off";
 "a cliff, you'd feel";
 "like you were flying.";
      "Yes. (+1 Acolyte)
      No."  (+1 Magician)
 "Money talks.";

      "Yes. (+1 Merchant)
      No."  (+1 Archer)
 "Now, let me give you some different questions. Please relax and take it easy, and choose the answer that suits you best.";
 "As you check";
 "your tight schedule....";
      "You feel like a robot.         (+1 Swordman y +1 Thief)
      You are proud and satisfied.(+1 Acolyte y +1 Magician)
      Schedule? What schedule?" (+1 Archer y +1 Merchant)
 "As you go window shopping,";
 "you find a really interesting item in a store, debating whether or not to buy it. Before making";
 "a purchase, the first thing";
 "you do is...";

      "Consider if you need it.   (+1 Archer)
      Check the price.    (+1 Merchant)
      Don't think twice, just buy it!"  (+1 Thief)
 "Fill in the blank:";
 "You _____";
 "competing with other people...";

      "don't mind...  (+1 Merchant)
      don't like...   (+1 Thief)
      don't care about..."  (+1 Acolyte y +1 Swordman)
 "You're responsible for a task that requires you to cooperate with many people. If you handle it alone, it will take a lot of effort and time.";

 "But if you cooperate with others, it will be simple and an enjoyable task. You would... ";
      "Handle it myself, even if it's hard. (+1 Magician)
      Ask friends to help."  (+1 Merchant)
 "You happen to";
 "find a girl who";
 "fainted on the street.";
 "What would you do?";

      "Carry her to a hospital.   (+1 Acolyte)
      Assess the situation before taking action.  (+1 Swordman y +1 Archer)
      Just ignore it." (+1 Magician y +1 Thief y +1 Merchant)
 "You happen to";
 "pick up 'Clothing.'";
 "What would you do?";
      "Check the brand.   (+1 Merchant)
      Wonder who lost it. (+1 Acolyte)
      Finder's keepers!     (+1 Merchant y +1 Thief)
      Leave it where it was." (+1 Magician)
 "You happened to accidentally slip your tongue in the middle of a conversation. How do you cope with this situation?";
      "Pretend it's a joke.  (+1 Thief)
      Change the subject. (+1 Swordman)
      Analyze it.   (+1 Magician)
      Apologize honestly." (+1 Acolyte)
"You're on a trip with your beloved. Your significant other then asks you to buy a souvenir that's not particularly good. What do you do?";
      "Buy the item for her/him. (+1 Swordman)
      Say 'no.'  (+1 Merchant)
      Promise it for next time." (+1 Thief)
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« Respuesta #1 : 28 de Septiembre de 2008, 04:10 »

esta re buena ahora no tendre k estar ingeneandola para que hanso me de las cosas parra el job k kiero
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iRo Valkyrie:

Maderiik: Rogue 6x/3x

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« Respuesta #2 : 28 de Enero de 2009, 07:06 »

Tan útil como necesario.

Gracias por el aporte.
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