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Set A

Which attribute is the most effective in atttacking the Undead?   

If the monster is a Level 2 Undead, how much more damage does a Holy attack do compared to Fire?   

What item can you not get from an Evil Druid?   
Monk Hat

Which Undead monster has the highest HP?   
Zombie Prisoner

Which of the following monsters is a different size than the others?   

Which card grants you tolerance to Undead property attacks?   
Orc Zombie Card

What was the relationship between Munak and Bongun before they passed away?   
Childhood friends in the same village

Which of the following monsters is not aggressive?   

What is the name of the shield in which a Munak Card has been inserted?   
Amulet Shield

Which of the following monsters does not drop Memento?   

Set B

Which of the following monsters is a different attribute than the others?   

Which sword is effective in attacking Demon monsters?   
Decussate Tsurugi

Which item is NOT dropped by Dokebi?   
Golden Hammer

Which Demon monster has the most HP?   

Which Demon monster is a different size than the others?   

Which shield reduces damage inflicted by Demon monsters?   
Shield from Hell

Which attribute is the most effective on the Wind Ghost?   

Which monster is different from the other Demon monsters?   

What effect does the Marionette Card have?   
Increase defense against Ghost attacks by 30 %

Which of the following is an effective way to react when encountering a demon monster?   
Put Holy Water on a weapon and attack.

Set C

What level of 'Divine Protection' do you need to learn 'Demon Bane?'   
Level 3

If your INT is 30, including INT bonuses from quipment, at level 55, how much HP does Level 5 Heal recover?   

With Level 7 Divine Protection, by how much is your defense against the Undead increased?   

Which of the following spears can attack Nightmare, which is endowed with the Ghost attribute?   

What level of 'Heal' do you need to learn 'Cure?'   
Level 2

What is the attack speed when Level 3 Cavalier Mastery is learned?   
80 % of normal speed

Which of the following is not correct of the Demon Bane skill?   
Only Acolytes can learn the skill

How much SP does Level 7 Heal use?   

What status cannot be cured with the Cure skill?   

What best describes a Crusader?   
One preparing for the Holy War.
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