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Hay dos opciones de 10 preguntas cada una, te puede tocar una de las dos al azar. Necesitas acertar al menos 9 preguntas para pasar el test. Algunas preguntas tienen más de una respuesta acertada, puedes elegir cualquiera de las dos.

Opcion A
  • By what percentage is the flee rate increased when a Thief masters the Improve Dodge? 30
  • Choose the monster that detects a characters using the Hiding or Cloaking skill. Argos
  • Choose the location where Thieves can change their jobs to Rogues. Pharos Lighthouse
  • In which town can Novice change their Jobs to Thieves? Morroc
  • Choose the card that does not affect the DEX stat. Mummy Card
  • So what's cool about being a Rogue? Cualquier respuesta es correcta
  • When is it possible to change from Thief to Rogue? At Job Level 40 o At Job Level 50
  • You want to dye your hair blue. What town do you go to, and in which directing, with 12 o'clock being North. Prontera, 7 o'clock
  • Choose the mushroom that is required on the Thief job change quest. Orange Gooey Mushroom o Orange Net Mushroom
  • Choose the card that least benefits the Rogue class. Elder Willow Card

Opcion B
  • Choose the skill necessary for learning Stalk. Hiding
  • In comparison to the Merchant's Level 10 Discount skill, how much more of a discount, in terms of percent, can a Rogue get with Level 10 Haggle skill? 1 %
  • What is the correct description for the skill, Mug? Steal Zeny from monsters
  • How many Rogues does it require to activate the skill, Slyness? 2 Rogues
  • Choose the skill that you can learn at Level 5 Divest Helm. Divest Shield
  • Choose the skill which allows its user to move while hiding. Stalk
  • Choose the card that increases the accuracy rate of its owner. Mummy Card
  • Choose the monster that receives more damage with its attacked by a weapon with the Vadon card (20 % more damage on Fire property). Elder Willow
  • How much SP does the skill Double Attack require when used with a Dagger? Passive skill, no SP required
  • Choose the most efficient dagger to use in the Byalan Dungeon. Wind Main-Gauche

Opcion C
  • Which monster drops a slotted Gladius? Kobold
  • Which monster drops a slotted Main-Gauche? Hornet
  • Choose the class that is able to create unique potions. Alchemist
  • Choose the weapon that Rogues aren't allowed to use. Katar
  • Choose the property that the Hode monster possesses. Earth
  • Choose the monster that is unable to be tamed for as a Cute Pet. Creamy
  • Choose the monster that receives more damage from a Dagger with the Fire property. Hammer Goblin
  • Choose the town that doesn't have any guild castles. Alberta
  • Choose the plant that drops Blue Herbs. Blue Plant o Shining Plant
  • Choose the monster that does not have the Undead property. Familiar
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