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    Enriched Oridecon 10 Box sale stop
    Enriched Elunium 10 Box sale stop
    Enriched Elunium 5 box at 15% dc perm
    Enriched Oridecon 5 Box at 15% dc perm
    Enriched hammer defaults off again (normal).
    Costume Box sale** 300pt
    Alora the Hat Dye girl in Eden group learns a trick to making costume gear!
    Eden Chef hunt quests will give 40,000z to vip members for completing the quests. You get food supplies still.
    New Gramps TIs
    70-95 - Zipper Bear, Alarm
    105-120 - Violy, Death Word
    125-140 - Dolomedes, Frus
    Current spotlight (Rachel) ends (Beholder quest stays)
    New Kunlun Spotlight starts (Feedback on the Kunlun current quests so we can improve the rewards please)
    Spawns, drops and exp in Kunlun are enhanced.
    Jack Be Dandy headgear becomes refinable.
    Costume Spiky Band, Goggles, Angel Wings & Jack Be Dandy give 15% more EXP on monster kills until July 3rd.
    Sell 150 pt "Ragnarok Start your Adventure Pack
    Description update for Gelato Hat, lvl 40 minimum (this is only description update, effect stays as current)
    Jack be dandy is now upgradable.
    Genticists can no longer create Tiger Footskins, Heroic Emblems or Bravery Marks.

We are preparing for a fairly significant update soon, due to NDA I can't release information yet, but you will be surprised, and some a bit confused on why it didn't show on Sakray, but this update has taken a fair amount of our time lately.

** The Costume Hat Box is 300pts it gives 1 of the 4 Costume Headgears Spiky Band, Goggles, Jack a Dandy, Angel Wings. These hats are untradable and have no long term effect (the box is tradable). Take the box to Alora the hat dye girl and she will give you the hat of your choice.
Until July 3rd wearing those hats will give bonus exp when hunting and perhaps on some select quests.

You can acquire those 4 headgears from Alora as well, take the normal (or slotted version so Spiky Band[1] or Spiky Band work.) which is +8 or higher and she can transform it into a +0 Costume version. We are going to do this more in the future until we have covered all the old headgear looks you may want, but it is a very long term plan to keep updating this way.

Honest feedback on the TIs last week. We wanted to spice them up for party play by putting more diversified monsters together rather than just the same monsters you would see on that map normally. Monster density is always a hot button topic and is addressed differently depending on which map, but I want to know about the monster DIVERSITY thing we did last week.
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Chris Angel  Warlock

En Dofus

Mat-arto Osamodas lvl 177
Ennu-Arto Anutrof lvl 104
Sofiacatalina ANiripsa lvl 102

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