Mantenimiento 04/04/2012


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    EXP and Drops event ends
    Alchemist Lists reset
    Daily Quen quest rewards will all return to day 0 (quarterly resets on him) you can continue to work up from there.
    Easter Quest will go in
    Clash of the Titans event will continue (Gramps Turnins)
    Eat Gear will start to ONLY take gear that is not sold via NPC. So if you have high upgrade NPC gear eat it NOW.
    Mesmerist in Eden will go behind the desk rather than in the middle of the room.
    Brasilis Murder quest will continue 1 more week.
    April fools orcish voucher will end
    Guardian will do "bleeding" less often.
    Ymir, will get the voting NPC by the hands that guild leaders can vote to do 1 or 2 woes on Saturday.
    Mystic Amp scrolls and boxes should be both tradable and vendable.
    We made some changes to the GX job change for Valk to try and diagnose and hopefully fix why it keeps locking up on Valk.