Mantenimiento 25/02/2015


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Mantenimiento del Caloret

Extended rental item time event extended by a week
Granny Boxter will be taking items and giving brownie points for this month's Lucky Box
Raffler Event Leaves
One week more of New Year quests
One week left of VIP +50% bonuses
Event Shadow events
Byalan dungeon 06 no longer will require you to be VIP to venture into its depths
Hero's Trail Part II will be put on sakray this week for testing
Abyss Dungeon-investment status will reset directly after maintenance so you will only be able to enter after the investment period ends on Saturday.
Fixed an issue with the Broken Diamond Request
Fixed an issue with the Criatura Academy Hidden Enchant tutorial NPC refusing to enchant novice boots

low Uzhas / Bathory
mid Flying Deleter / Draco
high Menblatt / Lichtern
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