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4th of July Quest Departs
Prontera Costume Pack Departs
Gramps TI quest:
Low: Pasana/High Orc
Mid: Raydric/Flame Skull
High: Little Fatum/Phylla
Episode 14.3 Arrives! We'll have a page up soon with details on the new instances.
Enter the new quest hub by taking the Interdimensional device in the Eclage Plaza once you have completed the New Questline that starts in Morroc. Talk to the Piled Rags in the partially rebuilt morroc (136, 239) to begin that quest
Bug Fixes
We're currently testing a fix we just received from the devs that they say will fix the issue with Thor Prontera crashing.
Next batch of Fallen 500 fixes-we are prepping a huge restore session to happen tomorrow for Thor.