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WoE Times: Proposed revised new times, waiting on comment from the community
Christmas Decor: Departing
Double Exp Event: Departing
Jumping Janeway event comes to an end. She will stay in for another week and you can turn in your existing quests but she will not be giving new quests.
Costume Santa Hat loses its effects
Shadow item event: Giant Thief Bug monsters will be dropping Shadow Equipment from now until February.
the stats on the monster dropped shadow items will return to their full power
New World Spotlight: The event comes to an end
Lighthalzen Spotlight: The monsters from the Lighthalzen dungeon 4 will keep their increased spotlight spawns
New Spotlight: Rune-Midgarts Dungeon Spotlight. Monsters from Clock Tower, Prontera Culverts, Payon Cave and the Underwater dungeon in Izlude will have increased exp, drops and spawn rates. 
Bounty Board Beta: Bounty boards will give many smaller chunks of exp instead of large single chunks to prevent bugged exp when players turn in "hunt all" quests, the boards will also properly award "all exp" or "all job exp" properly
Bounty Board Beta: Selecting the Geffen BB Skeleton Worker hunt quest will no longer give the Muka hunting quest
Lunar New Year Quest arrives early with a cool new headgear reward
Eve Natalia: Will now take the Guillotine Axe in exchange for certs
Marvelous Medals NPC in Hugel: will now properly award exp if user is over level 150
Bug Fixes for weapons that had effects when a stat was equal to 120
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Kafra Shop
January Groove Pack on sale, contents to be announced soon