Mantenimiento 01/04/2015


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St. Patrick's Day Quest goes for one more week
Full Green Ale Effects last until April 29th
Groove Pack leaves in one week
Jumping Janeway event returns to Renewal!
Gramps Turn Ins:
Low: Solider / Permeter
Mid:Purple Venatu / Centipede Larva
High:Armeyer Dinze / Petal
Old Card Albums and Mystical Card Albums item list updated to drop new cards
Old Card Album Updated with:
Alphoccio Card
Ceila Card
Chen Card
Flamel Card
Gertie Card
Randel Card
Trentini Card
Soheon Card
Elvira Card
Lora Card
Rudo Card
Bungisngis Card
Engkanto Card
Manananggal Card
Mangkukulam Card
Tikbalang Card
Tiyanak Card
Wakwak Card
Jejeling Card
Menblatt Card
Petal Card
Cenere Card
Antique Book Card
Lichtern Blue Card
Lichtern Yellow Card
Lichtern Red Card
Lichtern Green Card
Undead Knight Male Card
Undead Knight Female Card
Faithful Manager Card
Mystical Card Album Updated with:
Soheon Card
Elvira Card
Lora Card
Rudo Card
Restarting 3rd Class Specific Headgear re-evaluation process with Autumn Hairband[1], looking over feedback and looking to get testing started again soon.
Bug Fixing
Attempting further stability fixes on Geffen Magic Tournament
Established BLOB Trello Bulletin board so you can watch us track iRO's bugs
New Level 175 Update skills will display their proper names
Close confine skill waiting room level limit increased so Rogue type characters above level 150 will be able to pick up the skill
Gajomart TI scripting fixed so the next time we have it in players will get the proper amount of information.