Mantenimiento 17/7/2012

Aco del Mal

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Somewhat small Maintenance.

    VIP powered UP! 100% Bonus Drops and EXP, and .5% exp loss.
    Updating Niflheim Spotlight.
    - Warper to Niflheim in Eden Group
    - If you've completed the Sign, have the Sign (equipment) and completed all the Niflheim spot light quests, Engel the Blacksmith in the Mjolnir Coal mines will allow you to put a select card in your "The Sign" Card options, which you need to bring with the Sign are:
    Creamy Card
    Horong Card
    Joker Card
    Kobold Card
    Kukre Card
    Mantis Card
    Muka Card
    Obeaune Card
    Phen Card
    Poison Spore Card
    Poporing Card
    Smokie Card
    Spore Card
    Tarou Card
    Vitata Card
    Wormtail Card
    Yoyo Card
    Zerom Card
    He will continue to offer this service even after the spotlight ends, provided you completed all the Spotlight quests.
    Hawt Groove Pack in for 150 pts until July 31st
    Always get 1 Ea Male and Female GM Support Mercenary! (cute support Merc)
    2x Golem Transformation scrolls
    Stunner Shades 3 Def mid gear
    Naval Officer Hat Looks good and extra damage to water creatures
    Burning CD "Lower headgear, copies a skill randomly"
    25x Baklava HIGH HP and SP restore item
    Thursday 7/19 at 5pm we will have to restart the servers to try and put in the Summoner with 3 options : Discuss your 3 option desire in the thread.
    The VIP bonus on the Renewal servers extends until 7/24, so enjoy it!
    90-110 Desert Wolf / Roween Rachel field 12
    115-130 Removal / Khalitzburg Glastheim Churchyard
    135-150 Ancient Tree / Phylia El Dicastes fild 1

115~130 TI won't allow you to Turn it in, but you can get the quest.
We will fix this on Wednesday by doing a Eden Group restart. You can complete the quest safely now though, and you'll be able to turn it in soon. Our apologies.