Mantenimiento 12/03/2013

Aco del Mal

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10 Years ago this March 13, Gravity Interactive officially came to exist while Testing out Ragnarok Online. It has been a wild decade, and we at least want to celebrate with a bonus to VIP players for showing your support all these years!

All VIP will have its bonuses increased from March 13 ~ March 20th.

Rate boost: 2x+ exp and drops 25% death penalty for VIPs.

We also planning for an extended maintenance tonight to test and fix issues that popped up after the DST change restart this weekend, including the novice creation and bugged timers.

Update: 9:06pm it may not be possible to get a fix for the hour cooldown bug tonight...there are possible conflicts with the billing/DB that could come up if we set the clock back to PDT.

+St. Patrick's Day quest


-70-100 Teddy Bear & Shinobi
-101-125 Purple Venatu & Wanderer
-126-150 Banshee & Miming

-Groovepack leaving

+Boxter arrives
Update 9:07 boxter not finished enough to be put in tonight

-Costume cake quest leaves

+Hugel Spotlight II arrives to boost exp/drops/spawn numbers

-Comodo spotlight leaving

-Enriched ores leaving