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Título: Mantenimiento 16/04/2015
Publicado por: IceWolf en 16 de Abril de 2015, 00:13
This week's maintenance is over! Here are the changelogs for the week:
Light maintenance on Classic this week. The Renewal update this week and Thor server planning is occupying the majority of the production team's time but as soon as those are complete I will make the push to get progress going on our Classic projects.
St. Patrick's Quest ends, green ales will be at full strength until the 29th.
The event for redeeming green ales is a +50% monster exp bonus and +50% VIP drops bonus for the next two weeks!
Zodiac Crown and Diadem pack goes on sale!
One more week of the Juno Spotlight Event. Next week the spotlight changes to monsters from Comodo!
Granny Boxter being updated
Next part of Newbie Armor Quest with shoe reward. Quest begins once players have completed the previous Accessory section and talk to the NPC in Asgard Village again.
Cursed Shoes[0]
Mysterious shoes once worn by an ancient warrior. Found in Morroc.
+200 HP
+10 SP recovery rate
5% chance to drop 'Fly Wing' when killing monsters
Cannot be refined
Def: 4
80 weight
3D Glasses display as Chick hat on Classic (not fixed yet)
Vanilmirth Hat, Wanderer and Echio cards will be unbound
St. Patrick's Day Quest ends: +50% bonus to monster exp VIP +50% bonus to drops
MRS Hammer appears! This representative of the Migard Revenue Service will perform the same upgrades as Enriched Hammer but with NO ZENY COST
Eat gear can also be found on the second level.
Special Event! Granny Boxter will be taking 2 of your unwanted Safe to +7 certificates in exchange for a +7 cert of your choice!
Gramps TI Quest
low Anopheles / Shinobi
mid Engkanto / Wanderer
high Banshee / Green Lichtern
Granny Boxter Updated:
new list:
Costume Devoted Eyes
Costume Jack Castle Bat
Fallen Angel Wings
Antique Pipe
Archangel Wing
Pirate Dagger
Well Chewed Pencil
Crown of Deceit
Heroic Backpack
Mini Glasses[1]
Battle Manual X3
Male Support GM
Female Support GM
Lv 10 Bowman Scroll
Lv 10 Fencer Scroll
Lvl 10 Spearman Scroll
Mystical Amplification Scroll
Transform Scroll Marduk
Transform Scroll Banshee
Bloody Branch

Wave Mode Test Dungeon and Clock Tower Nightmare Dungeon launch this week
Wave Mode Dungeon-A simple test of how fast you can kill monsters that are attempting to cross a bridge. Waves of different monsters spawn, and move south towards your defense point. Can you stop wave after wave of monsters? Classes with AOE skills recommended. We will be receiving more elaborate Wave Mode Dungeons next month.
Clock Tower Nightmare Dungeon-I'll be posting up a guide on this new dungeon shortly. You enter by speaking with the NPC Belljamin Button on the 1st floor of the Clock Tower. (232, 222)
Janeway will now job change novices wishing to be supernovices
HIgh TI Maps will be moved to another server to reduce congestion
Change in scripting in Geffen Magic Tournament to address crash errors
Gefffen Magic Tournament NPC fail safe implementation
[Updated!]Lux Amima Runestone can now be created and used!