Mantenimiento 22/04/2015


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This week, we're at the final stretch of preparing Thor server for launch extremely soon! For this week it means that while we are going to be having a regular maintenance this week, it's going to be very light on things changed.
Spotlight change from Juno to Port Malaya
New Turn ins
Low: Bathory/Deviruchi
Mid: Ancient Mimic/Abyssmal Knight
High: Egnigem Cenia/Imp
With the pRO migration/Thor launch preparations we are ready to roll out with a few more of the missing monster cards. Starting this maintenance the cards will be dropping from their respective monsters around Rune Midgard.
Queen Scaraba Card
Parus Card
Pom Spider Card
Cendrawasih Card
Butoijo Card
Leak Card
Octopot Card
King Kray Card
Kraken Card
Siorava Card
weird coelacanth
dark coelacanth
mutant coelacanth
violent coelacanth
Siorava Card
Wild Rider Card
Mini Octopus Card
Giant Octopus Card
Sropho card will not be available on iRO.
Bug fix:
Malangdo Enchant NPCs will re-appear
Separated Malangdo and Biolabs 4 map to ease congestion
For next week we are going to be working on a more permanent solution to the issue with the Geffen Tournament NPC not properly appearing.