2014 Christmas Events


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On Classic and Renewal this year we have a special Holiday themed quest taking place in Lutie, the Christmas Village and other fun live events running this holiday season

The quest begins in Lutie, with the cheerful characters from the Christmas village are offering quests and reward items for bringing the snow flowers that the new Christmas themed monsters found around Rune Midgard drop.

Iam A. Hunter offers repeatable hunt quests in exchange for Snow Flowers which can be used to purchase the new hats!
On Classic server, the strange crystals have appeared around Rune Midgard, along with a host of Christmas monsters. They drop gift boxes and other goodies. Next week, we will be expanding this quest with more rewards!

The event runs from December 10th to January 7th, so don't miss out! There a re lots of cute holiday themed costumes to collect:

Link a la Quest AQUI
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