Mantenimiento 11/02/2015


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The Free Stat and Skill Reset Mesmerist in the Eden Group will be departing this week
The malangdo festival monsters will be leaving next week. The NPCs to turn in the octopus parts will stay one week after that.
Gramps Turn In Quest
Low: Kapha/The Paper
Mid: Ground Deleter/Lava Golem
High: Parus/Frus
New Valentines' day quest-Visit Diva Lindt in the Kiel Hyre Academy (151, 28) to begin the quest!
Deleted characters still in guilds will be removed from the roster during this week's maintenance. This should free up some space for guild leaders to recruit new members!
Kafra Shop
New February Lucky Box 300kp
Random chance of giving:
8x Battle Manual X3
30x Male GM Mercenary
7x Bloody Dead Branch
2000x Prize Medals
Ninja Scroll
Little Feather Hat
Black Devil Mask[1]
Drooping Eddga Hat[1] White King Tiger Doll Hat
Octopus Balloon Hat
Bug Fixes
The Einbroch Medal Exchanger will properly reward you even if you are over level 150
We are creating detailed bug reports this week with screenshots and video for kRO for the Hallucination Drug and Scaraba Nightmare Dungeon monster AI