Mantenimiento 24/7/2012 "Renewall + Classic Loki"

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- Apply some fixes to the Summoner based on feedback and reports to make it more party friendly with resetting your ability to go in.
- More fixes (rewriting the whole thing) for the Botwana Malaya instance.
- Merry Badger will stop taking MVP gear in exchange for Eden Merit Badges. Don't worry those items will be used in the WoE update to do "investments".
- Exchanger for the Hawt Groove Pack items Baklava and GM Support Scrolls to get Battle Manual X3.
4 of a specific GM Scroll for 1 Battle Manual X3
100 Baklava for 1 Battle Manual X3
- Cd in Mouth will have a much enhanced effect.!/playragnarok?filter=1 see video near top.
- Enriched Hammer on

70-95 Zipper Bear Alarm
105-120 Vanberk Isilla
125-140 Knocker Imp

-Kunlun is being added, see what kind of stuff came with the Kunlun update on this page!
-New item mall items
July 24

    Mob adjustments for Comodo, Glastheim and Toy Factory, make comments on if we need more changes on these 3 sections.
    Kunlun Ferry has been repaired!
    Those that use the Magic Stone, can get a special +200% exp for 30 minutes (1 time) by talking again to the "Magical Stone Checker", you will get the option to use it now or not after will offer you options to go to a dungeon (1 time). The EXP doesn't stack with BM, it is in fact using the BM buff to give the bonus.
    MVPs will no longer Earthquake, this will stay that way until Trans update, so go get Bapho!
    Dungeon Teleport scrolls 10 box for 75pt.
    Rental Gears implemented. Lower powered shield, shoes, garment options. These are intended to be permanent.
    Shield +6 Buckler 20% resist all races
    Shoes +6 Shoes 15% bonus SP and 3% faster SP regen
    Shoes +6 Shoes 10% bonus HP and 3% faster HP regen
    Garment +6 Muffler +15 flee
    Garment +6 Muffler 15% resist Neutral
    Close Confine skill quest fixed

July 27

    Adjusting maps in the Morroc and Payon areas,
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