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Título: Mantenimiento 21/01/2014
Publicado por: IceWolf en 21 de Enero de 2015, 21:48
Our weekly maintenance has started, here's the changelogs for today:
Double Exp will continue for the forseeable future as part of our Classic recruiting event
Jumping Janeway enhancements:
-Daggers and Huumas added to Janeway
-Fast access to Janeway from the newbie starting area
-Janeway will now give potions to start you off so you don't have to run through the training grounds first
There are more suggestions I have to improve the quest, like putting in more information on who can use the Janeway gear, and the monsters.
Working on more TI quests to complement Abyss Lake, please suggest alternatives for next week!
Fix to Stonecutters quest to give the award properly
Increased duration and power of New Year's Quest stat reward
Going to be returning to the monster spawn change project, looking to increase monster spawns in the Janeway areas for this week and making more changes starting next week!
This Thursday we'll be posting up a roadmap for Classic going forward in 2015 and our projects to improve the quality of life as well as to address the issues that players have brought up.
Some Janeway monster spawns increased
Added 20 Thief Bugs to Prontera Field 5 map
Added 30 Boas to Payon Field 2 map
Added 15 Archer Skeletons (instant) to Payon dungeon 2
Deliberating the feedback in the WoE time thread to make a final decision. From the feedback, the WoE 2 times will likely stay the same, and everything will stay on the same day. WoE TE will be moved an hour or two later in the day.
Izlude Christmas decorations leave the game
Bounty Board Beta: Adding the ability for you to remove a quest if you are unable to complete it or stuck.
Fixed an issue with the bounty boards not properly awarding all exp or all jexp when that option is choosen in Lighthalzen multiple bounty boards.
Gramps Turn in Quest
Low: Headless Mule/Marionette
Mid: Deathword/Hodremlin
High: Antler Scaraba/Pom Spider
Granny Boxter will be adding items from the newest Groove Pack, as well as giving the groove pack in exchange for Brownie Points.
Bug Fixes
-Frigg's Song: Heartbroken Tears name fixed to be Regrettable Tears and removed line "Instrument/Whip only"
Kafra Shop
RWC Boxes leave
I'm updating the level 175 update bug report page to reflect the things that we have fixed or reported to kRO. Several of these are being tested right now, like the Geneticist confusion effect.