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Raffler NPC returns to Prontera. A global broadcast will go out with the Raffler announcing what the latest auction is.
Here is the complete list of items.

1 x KBC
1 x MCA
4 x Temporal Crystals
8 x Temporal Crystals
2 x Coagulating Spell
1 x Slotted Sunnies
10 x EMB
1 x OCA
Safe to 7 Cert
Bloody Branch

Thanksgiving Quest: Turpecos have been chased off by the returning Pecopecos
Gramps Turn in quest:
  low Pasana / Rybio
  mid Ancient Mimic / Abyssmal Knight
  high Dolomedes / Antique Book
Bounty boards:
  Lighthalzen board will have separate "take all" option for bio 3 and bio 4 so you don't have to get all of them at once.