Mantenimiento 01/05/2015


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Good news everyone! Ragnarok Online is back online! Here are the notes for what changed this week:
Green ale effects return to non-event strength
[Chaos] Jumping Janeway event is in for one more week
MRS Hammer leaves next week
Prontera Costume Pack returns on Chaos and Thor
Spooky machine event: Talk to the spooky machine every 24 hours to get a random reward!
Gramps TI:
Low: pasana rybio
Mid: aliot/alicel
High:antler scaraba / ancient_tree
Eden Group 1-10 board will recognize the new and old Eden Grouup marks
Green and Yellow Lichterns no longer drop the incorrect card.
[Thor]Adding an NPC that will check Rangers and give them a wolf flute if they are missing it
[Chaos]Activating Mesmerist free one time reset NPC in Eden Group
[Thor]Characters stuck in instances pre-migration will be moved to Prontera
We are still working to get disconnection characters on Thor unstuck, we're waiting on a new tool from kRO that will greatly assist with that.
More to come as we can test and verify. We'll likely be running a little long this week as we will be doing a lot of testing.
Ice Dungeon Turn in Event
Note: Double EXP is on by default on Classic
+50% exp bonus and +50% VIP drop bonus departs
Green Ale effects return to non-event power
Gopinich will properly spawn in Moscovia