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Aco del Mal

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New TIs:
70-100: Skel Prisoner and Rafflesia

101-125: lava golem/flame skull

126-150: Dolomedes/Parus
+Checked over equipment and items scripts that are used by ninja classes to make sure that they are usable by Kagerou and Oboro as well

+Omni Clothing dye temporarily made unavailable on Kab/Ob until we get proper alternate outfit colors so people do not accidentally waste a coupon.

+Desocketing books will be added to code the redeemer storage on the second floor of the Eden Group during maintenance.

+Costume Cake hat quest from last year's Valentines day event will be in for one week for those looking to make one.

--Mail system being permanently disabled to improve server stability. You will still be able to pick up your existing mail but will not be able to send new ones.
Though sending mail will be disabled on existing maps, we are creating a "Postal Annex" area that players can access through the WoE map Kafras where they will be able to create new mail messages.

-Serpent hat box leaves

-Enriched Hammer event leaves

-Double EXP/Drops event leaves

-Valentines day quests are in for one more week.

-tear in time quest leaving tonight.


By Aco del mal

*Checados los equipos e items usables ninja class para hacer lo mas usable posible kagerou/oboro

*Omni Clothing dye se desabilitara temporalmente en kagerou/oboro hasta que funcione correctamente el ticket, asi que no lo gasten accidentalmente.

*Desocketing books se agregaran al "Code the Redeemer" en eden grup durante el mantenimiento.

*Costume cake  quest del evento de san valentin estara disponible 1 semana mas para los que buscan tener uno.

*El servicio de MAIL sera desabilitado permanentemente para mejorar la estabilidad del servidor. Podras sacar tus mensajes y su contenido pero no podras enviar ningun otro.
Aunque el servicio estara desabilitado para los mapas existentes(todos los actuales en ciudades etc) estamos creando un area "Correo Anexado" para que los jugadores puedan acceder al servicio desde las Kafra de los Mapas de woe, esto te permitira crear nuevos mensajes.

*Hat serpent se va

*Enriched Hammer se va

*Evento de doble exp/drop se va

*Quest de San valentin se queda una semana mas

*Tear in time quest se va hoy
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