Mantenimiento 6/05/2013

Aco del Mal

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VIP bonuses boosted for the month! 150% exp/150% drops/33% exp loss ib death ---->200%exp/200%drops/25% exp loss on death
14.2 Eclage arrives on Chaos Renewal
-New Quests, New Monsters and the Sphinx Challenge Dungeon
-Will be adding Safe to +10 and Safe to +7 rewards to participants in the PCP purchase promotion this week after the PCP leaves.
-Prontera/Izlude Spotlight Arrives
-10th Anniversary Quest prelude quest added
The quest ends with you being sent to Izlude to partake in the festivities, the main quest goes in next week!

Turn Ins:
Low: Yao Jun/Mao Guai
Mid: Ragged Zombie/Zombie Slaughter
High: Dolomedes/Parus
-Rachel Spotlight ends
-Wood Goblin, Fortier Masque, Vanargand Helm leave with this maintenance
-Prontera Costume Pack leaves