Mantenimiento Renewal 22/01/2013


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Double Monster Exp + Drops until the 29th as a thank you for the MMOsite "Best P2P" vote

Juno Spotlight comes to an end.


-70-100 Kapha, Ground Petite
-101-125: Sky and Earth Deleters
-126-150 Blue and Gold Acidus

Warpportal to Geffen field 12 from Geffen field 8 added to facilitate the Glitch in Time Quest
Fixed warp to Amatsu dungeon 3 in the Blue Harvest quest in Amatsu
Re-added Lion's Roar quest
Malangdo Cat Gamer quest script fixed, should now be able to proceed past step 9
God item exchanger in Prontera's castle fixed and will return after the maintenance.
WoE Violet, Blue and White Potions usage limited to WoE/PVP map types

GH Spotlight NPCs returning

Enriched Hammer/Eat gear leave