Preguntas y Respuestas Quest Dancer


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Aqui teneis las respuestas de las preguntas de la quest de Dancer, así podreis pasar la quest de cambio de job más facil y seguir jugando :)

Set A

1. The Dancer's dance, Lady Luck increases which of the following?
Critical Attack Rate

2. Of the following, which can you not consider to be a dance?
Lightning Bolt

3. Which of the following best describes a Dancer?
A person who dances.

4. Which of the following cannot be associated with Comodo?
A lot of Thieves.

5. Before Comodo, what is the region name of the region NorthEast of Pharo's Lighthouse Island?
Comodo Beach

6. Who is the most beautiful dancer?

7. Of the following, who can perform together with a Dancer?

8. Which of the following is not a specialty of Comodo?
Shining Stone

9. Who is the manager of the Comodo Casino?

10. Who accepts the Dancer job change applications?

Set B

1. What is the effect of the skill Dance Lessons?
Increases the effect of dancing skills
Increase damage of Whip weapons.

2. What dance uses shoes that are designed to make sound as the dancer rolls their feet and taps the ground to create a rhythm?
Tap dance

3. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a Dancer?
Uses Two-handed swords.

4. Which town has the most Dancers?

5. Of the following, who dances most beautifully?

6. What is the Dancer better at than the other job classes?

7. Who is the manager of the Comodo Casino?

8. What item cannot be equipped by a Dancer?
Two-handed Sword

9. Do you think you can say this quiz is frustrating and annoying?

10. Which of the following is not a Jazz musician?
Elder Willow

Set C
1. What is the effect of the combined skill, Mental Sensing?
Increases experience.

2. Which is considered bad etiquette on the dance floor after a dance?
Criticize your partner.

3. Which is not an appropriate response when someone makes a mistake while you are dancing together?
Point out the mistake.

4. In which town can you change jobs to a Dancer?

5. How many dungeons are directly connected to Comodo?

6. Which of the following is not a Cute Pet monster?

7. Who is the most graceful dancer?

8. What is the exact name of the Kafra in Comodo?
Kafra Headquarters (4ª opción)

9. What is my name?

10. What is the effect of Lullaby?
Casts the Sleep effect on the area.
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Idalia chan

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gracias por la info me fue muy util
esta dificil la ultima parte del job
pro pss la pase y me gusta ser dancer x3

no quiero renacer D:


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Creo que falta una actualizada~

Las preguntas y respuestas han cambiado xD

A ver si me hago una Dancer por ahí y les escribo el nuevo cuestionario :]


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thank for the info
necesitaba saber algunas cosas, gracias por aclararmelas=)
Vivan las DaNcEr!!!♥


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He reescrito todas las preguntas. Las habian cambiado y habia un set más de preguntas.