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Bueno solo queria compartir que actualmente hay otro servidor privado aparte de rGE, el cual es Andromida server.
ya se que esta parte del foro esta muerta pero posteo esto por si alguien llega aqui :D


Actualmente cree un grupo dentro del juego
para entrar, apreten CTRL G
y doble click en "Español"

El nombre de mi familia es : Santana

Info del servidor:

Link con la info completa del servidor :

1. General
Version: 31.28.98
Language: English / Russian / Chinese
Server time: GMT/UTC+0
Server location: Europe

Item "Andromida Token" available, tradeable token so free2play players have access to Cash Shop as well.
Event: Begin Pioneer! More information can be found at the end of thread.
Event: Lucky Draft, play and get one Growth Stone for free every 24 hours!

Premium characters are available from the game, no Cash Shop usage required.
Majority of recruitable characters are available from Feso Shop.
Improved Auto Keep and increased Keep Range features available.

Function "Delete Family" on Family Barracks is permanently disabled.
Waiting period (grace period) of 10 days after faction creation has been decreased to 3 days.
Improved roulette rewards, 50% permantly reduced Vis for bonus roulette.
Korean and Japanese Voice pack included into game client.

Default amount of Barrack Slots increased from 4 to 10.
Free items on creation: Boosting-Package Expert (30 days), Combat Manual - Veteran (7 days)
Tactics Manual - Master (30 days), Field Manual - Average (30 days), 3x HP Potion 5000 (Event), 50x Pet Food, 5000 Vis
2. Rates
Base EXP: 5x
Stance EXP: 5x
Drop: 2x (Doesn't affect roulette or boss drops)
Drop of healing items (HP/SP) items has been disabled, except for premium maps.
Majority of Field Raid Bosses drop 1-5x Growth Stone(s) depending on difficulty.
Certain (DR above 75) Field Raid Bosses drop 3-7x Elemental Jewel(s) depending on difficulty.
3. Quests
Improved rewards (obtained from Quest or Achievement)
Cite de Reboldoeux Scenario: 1x Domingo's Pioneer Journal
The Port of Coimbra Scenario: 1x Nunez' Pioneer Journal
City of Auch Scenario: 3x Master Card (Event)
Ustiur Scenario: 10x Barrack Slot License (Event)
Bahama (Part 1) Scenario: 1x Upgraded Enhanced Tactics Ring

Hidden Holy Water Chamber scenario, quest "Furuhollen Father and Son : Andre": 2000x Shiny Crystal
Katovic Snowfield scenario, quest "Trace of Cruelty": 10x Reinforced Stance Book
Chateau de Bourgogne scenario, quest "Report to Simon Ayande": 3x Custom Wing Coupon (7 days)

Castilla Scenario
Quest "[Castilla Episode 1] Medicine Supplying 3": 10x Reinforced Stance Book
Quest "[Castilla Episode 2] Relic 2": 10x Weapon Costume Crystal
Quest "[Castilla Episode 3] Tower of Chaos 4": 30x Platinum Bars

Bahama (Part 2) Scenario: 100x Reinforced Enchant Sedative (Event)
Errac/Zeia Scenario: Queen Hamaan's Pioneer Journal
Viron (Part 1) Scenario: 50x Socket Processing Tranquilizer (Event)
Viron (Part 2) Scenario: 100x Growth Stone
Kielce Scenario: Kess' Pioneer Journal

Armonia & Distorted Armonia Scenario
Quest "[Epilogue] Things left behind..And": 3x Lyndon's Weapon Costume Summon Box
Quest "[Reanudaction] And Something left behind..": 5x Elemental Jewel, 20x Karin's Vital Potion, 3x Weapon Costume Crystal,
2x Valeron's Powder Box, 1x Medal "Triumph Warrior in Distorted Armonia", 1x Artifact "Regeneration and Circulation"

Orden Scenario
Quest "[Resurrection of Orden] Plan of Storm": 4x Origin of Land/Fire/Wind/Water/Mind, 3x Elemental Jewel, 3x Principal Liquor
Quest "[Storm and Dragon] Prison": 3x Lyndon Box, 3x Elemental Jewel, 3x Triumph Liquor
Quest "[The Last of Jurgen] Land of Promise": 3x Enhanced Liquor of Steroid, 25x Red/Blue Armonium Ore, 50x Armonia Coin

Burlon's Pledge scenario, quest "Pledge that carved in front of tomb": 50x Platinum Bars
Future of Burlon scenario, quest "Everything is there": 50x Platinum Bars

Illier scenario, quest "[Synodia] To Altria...": 2x Valeron Weapon Summon Stone (Event), 10x Growth Stone, 50x Shiny Solarion
Altria scenario, quest "[El cielo y la tierra] Stars' Children": 3x Valeron Weapon Summon Stone (Event), 2x Medal Summon Stone
3x Weapon Costume Summon Stone - Elemental, 2x High Master Character Card Summon Stone

Quest "[Selva Sub] Selva, brought her power back." additional rewards: 15x Karin's Vital Potion, 5x Elemental Jewel
Quests that gave items "Wings of Lucifer (7/15/30 days)" or "Devil Wings (7/15/30 days" now reward "Rose Wings (7/15/30 days)".
Amount of item "Pure Otite" received from repeatable quest has been increased from 1-5 to 3-7.
Quest "[Pattern of Giant] La Parsie Mordon" - Reduced amount of required item "Corazon Crystal" from 10 to 6.

Reduced quest item amount from map "Demonic Porto Bello" required for quest "[Advanced Base Prurio] New Frontier" from 200 to 100.
Increased quest item drop chance on map "Demonic Porto Bello" required for quest "[Advanced Base Prurio] New Frontier" from 20% to 100%.
Increased quest item drop chance for quest "[El cielo y la tierra] Information Collection on Quiritatio - 1" from 10% to 50%.
Increased quest item drop chance for quest "[Synodia] Need to listen to the end." from 33% to 100%.
Increased quest item drop chance for quest "[Frozen Girl] Girl's new travel" from 10/20% to 100%.

Replaced quest rewards "Enchantment Chip Lv.92/96/Veteran" on Castilla Daily Quests with Sun Stones and Moon Stones.
Before (Example): [Castilla Exploration] Tower of Chaos Zone 1 Investigation : 1-2x Enchantment Chip Veteran
After (Example): [Castilla Exploration] Tower of Chaos Zone 1 Investigation : 1-2x Moon Stone
4. Recruitment Quests
Recruitment quest for Character "Rosa" has been made easier.
Statistics when starting questline have been increased:
New: STR 25 / AGI 30 / HP 30 / DEX 30 / INT 55 / SEN 40
Statistics for finishing questline have been decreased:
New: STR 35 / AGI 40 / HP 40 / DEX 35 / INT 65 / SEN 55

Reduced quest items required for Vincent's Stance Book.
Before: 100 Bone Stick, 5 Bone Piece, 10 Mana Stone, 1 Scale of Siren/Heart of Archangel/Seed of Yggdrasil, 20 Whisper of Devil, 1 Viscount Skel. Ring
After: 25 Bone Stick, 5 Bone Piece, 10 Mana Stone, 1 Scale of Siren/Heart of Archangel/Seed of Yggdrasil, 7 Whisper of Devil, 1 Viscount Skel. Ring

Reduced quest items required for Elisa's Stance Book.
Before: 30 Great Wheat Flour, 20 Great Cabbage, 20 Great Golden Apple, 30 Great Chicken Breasts
After: 15 Great Wheat Flour, 10 Great Cabbage, 10 Great Golden Apple, 30 Great Chicken Breasts

Reduced quest items required for Cano's recruitment questline.
Before: 2 Mysterious Steel Piece, 10 Whisper of Devil, 10 Pebbles
After: 1 Mysterious Steel Piece, 5 Whisper of Devil, 10 Pebbles

Recruitment quest for Character "Grandies" requires +4 instead of +7 Schvarlier Armor.
Quest "Bait Box at the Crow Forest" needs 10 instead of 45 completions for "Liung" recruitment quest.
Increased quest item drop rate for quest "[Princess of Revenge] Decision of Princess" from 20% to 100%.

Improved rewards for Recruitment Quests
Finishing recruitment quest of characters will reward "Moon/Growth Stone(s)" and "Extra Rewards Coupon (Event)" additionally.
All characters beginning with Reckless Emilia and newer.
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