Expert staces para elementalistas !

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Magic of Occultism - Occultism Assistance

la primera es de "braz LOE + braz LOE" y la seguda es de "elemtal braz + LOE"
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 :congelado: kisiera saber lo q dice no puedo ver bien el daño x.x pero q son esas cosas llamadas "Elemental Sphere Box" o para q sirven?

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son las que se necesitan para los skills, cumplen la misma funcion de las elemental orbs . :ah:


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Silver Server - 4.0.18

August 13, 2009
2045 ~ 2105

[Granado Espada 4.0.18]

1. Changed Mailbox system.
- item attachment feature has been removed.
- for the test server, items that are currently attached will be deleted.

2. Changed SP options from both bracelets to be applicable when equipped with two bracelets.

3. Changed some of the skills in 'Magic of Occultism' and 'Occultism Assistance'.

Skill Name   Original   Changed
Tenseness   consumes SP 450
lvl10 ATK 571%   consumes SP 550
lvl10 ATK 518%
Ice Brille   consumes SP 600
lvl10 ATK 816%
cooldown 13s   consumes SP 750
lvl10 ATK 1430%
cooldown 16s
Blast Fire   consumes SP 750
lvl10 ATK 1100%
cooldown 15s   consumes SP 850
lvl10 ATK 929%
cooldown 19s
Dyna Breath   consumes SP 950
lvl10 ATK 2528%
cooldown 18s   consumes SP 1050
lvl10 ATK 2562%
cooldown 21s
Abyss Flare   consumes SP 1150
lvl10 ATK 3466%   consumes SP 1350
lvl10 ATK 3568%
Barsel   consumes Ancient Star Orb x5   consumes Ancient Star Orb x15
Flare   consumes Ancient Star Orb x10   consumes Ancient Star Orb x20

4. Fixed an issue with 'Magic of Occultism' 'Ice Brille' skill where the ice trail effect remains after casting.

5. Fixed some animation issues with some of the skills in 'Magic of Occultism'.

6. Fixed an issue with some 'Magic of Occultism' skills not applying proper damage to characters wearing metal armours.

7. Changed Flare to stack with Daga Venanosa, Silent Move, and Destino, as well as Warlock's personal buff.

8. Changed some parts of 'Al Quetz Moreza, Holy Creature's Room' raid mission.

9. Fixed an issue with the reward chests in raid missions allowing duplicate use.

Silver Server - 4.0.17

August 12, 2009
2250 ~ 2310

[Granado Espada 4.0.17]

1. Added warlock constellation stances.
- the constellation stances can be used by the Warlock and Hellena.
- the stance books for 'Magic of Occultism' and 'Occultism Assistance' can be purchased from Emilia in Coimbra after completion of the constellation stance quest.
- 'Magic of Occultism' is available by equipping LOE bracelets on both hands or by equipping LOE bracelet on one hand and elemental bracelet on the other.
- 'Occultism Assistance' is available by equipping LOE bracelets on both hands.
- the normal attacks of the warlock constellation stances consume 'Elemental Spheres'.

2. Added 'Elemental Sphere' item to the Toolshop and Bullet Charger.

3. Changed Warlock's 'Elemental Penetration' personal skill.
- item consumption changed to Ancient Star Orb x5.
- duration at lvl10 changed to 300s.

4. Added Sign of Pisces to the Mysterious Treasure Box option of the Premium Treasure Box Service.

5. Fixed an issue where the summoned Great Hill Giant in Vegas Javier did not drop the 'Hill Giant's Stone'.