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empieza en lvl 60


-Epee Guard
-Short Guard
-Avance Guard
-Sight Shot(Single Pistol)
-Outrage Shot


Where can he be found?
He will be in Paradise Island where you can talk to him to initiate the quest.

How do I get him?
Garcia's quest with the city quest started by Lyndon and to Bahamaru quests(new swampy region maps, level 101+ zone).

1. Go through the city quests first until you have to talk to Auch's Adjutant. He'll assign you a quest to Jaquin Prison. This will be an instance and you will have to destroy pillars with level 88 mobs around. The pillars have 200 HP.

2. You will then talk to Simon Ayende and he'll send you to go to Feruccio Wall to talk to Garcia(f2).

3. After watching the cutscene of Garcia and Selva fighting a level 120 Blizzard Revanent, you will have to go to The Frozen Plain to talk to Invierno(d7).

4. The crystals in the cave near Invierno will play a role here. You will need 10 Haunted Crystals(?), 50 Philosopher's Stones, and 50 Ice Crystals.

5. After collecting the requirements, you will be fighting a level 110 Montoro.
HP: 361,337
ATK: 858
DEF: 91
AR/DR: 57

6. After beating Montoro, you will be treated with more backstory of one of this game's main arcs involving the Aristocracy. You will also be rewarded with a +3 AR/DR pendant but with side effects. There is a death period of 3 days. I'm guessing this means if your character is wearing the pendant and dies, they will stay dead for 3 days.

7. Now you will have to go into the Ice Tower. There are 2 methods to get in. One is getting the key from the Katovic Quest line and the other is to wear the Pendant. After walking in a bit, you will enter an instance with 3 bosses, possibly 3 of the Aristocrats seeing as one of them is Montoro. Selva and Garcia will be helping out in here at level 120 and 110 respectively.

The goal is to attack a level 130 crystal with 67 AR/DR, ~1,300,000 HP, and 9720 Attack Power. Once that gets down to 50% HP, Garcia will get injured and I think the instance ends there. You have 20 minutes time limit in this instance.

8. After Garcia is injured and having a conversation with Invierno again, he'll tell you to collect items to make a soup for Garcia.
-20 Golden Apples (Dropped by Eltetah)
-50 Wolf Meats
-50 Sugar Beets(?) (Dropped by Snow Monkey(?))
-50 Cabbages (Dropped by Snow Lazim)
-10 Philosopher Stones

9. After making the soup for Garcia, he will run away. You will then be going back to Auch to talk to the Adjutant, then Tiburon. You will have to buy something that Tiburon has for either 200,000vis or 1,000,000vis. The guide from Doratomo's site chose 200,000vis and got a level 100 Chip and Garcia's Card. There may be something else if you pay 1,000,000vis.

info.. obtenida del foro official

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Paradise island ????

donde es esto???
creo que es de una actualizacion que no esta aun en sonw
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 ¿Que tiene de bueno este Garcia? no lo veo muy especial que digamos...


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lo especial en garcia es tenerlo muy poca gente lo tiene y creo q con uso de pistolas se ve algo bueno


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tiene stance de doble rapier y rapier con pistola y no se q mas sin contar q usa el otrageshot logicamente muchos prefieren a la musk por mas dex creo y su concentracion pero me parece un npc de lujo mas q un exelente npc no?  ???