Mantenimiento 18/03/2015


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Spotlight town changes from Geffen to Juno!
Adding a Gold Coin Converter for Green Ales
Roki, the cousin of Loki was helpful enough to take Loki's place when he was on vacation from judging the tournament but Loki's back this week!
Ei'felle now accepts 1000 prize medals instead of a max of 100. When you turn in 1000 medals, please wait patiently as the NPC is set to give you chunks of exp instead of a big lump all at once.
Gramps Turn In Quests:
Low Elder / Freezer
Mid Ice Titan / Archdam
High Gajomart / Pom Spider


Super novices will no longer be able to use the Criatura Academy class skill books
A number of skill names were broken after the update, these are being fixed this week.
Checked and adjusted the instance dungeon scripting to address the bugs that have been cropping up since the update
Spawn rates of monsters in Biolabs 3 map were still doubled from a previous event. This has been corrected, but the increased spawn on Biolabs 4 will remain active.