Respuestas quest de Assassin


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Opción A

1. What here is not a prerequisite of the skill Grimtooth?
-Left hand mastery Lv 2

2. Enchant Poison makes your weapon what element?
- Poison

3. What is the function of level 4 Left Hand Mastery?";
-Attack +70%

4. What item do you need to use when you use the skill 'Venom Dust'?
- Red Gemstone

5. When you increase Enchant Poison up to level 5, what new skill will appear?
- Venom Dust

6. What skill listed below allows you to be walk around unseen?
- Cloak

7. What is the requirement for Venom Dust?
- Must use a red gemstone.

8. What monster card listed below adds to Intelligence?
- Elder Willow

9. How much sp do you use when you do a double hit using a dagger?
- 0

10. What is the best type of sword to use in the Bybalan dungeon?
- Sword of Piercing Wind

Opción B

1. Which monster drops a slotted Katar?
- Desert wolf

2. What card listed below can be inserted into a Jur?
- Caramel

3. Which class can forge weapons?
- Blacksmith

4. Which weapon listed below isn't a Katar class weapon?
- Gladius

5. In Bybalan Dungeon a large amount of monsters are of what elemental type?
- Water

6. What monster listed below can't be tamed and turned into a cute pet?
- Rhoda Frog

7. Choose the monster that is weakest to fire.
- Kobold (Axe)

8. Choose the non-elemental Katar.
- Infiltrator

9. Pick out the monster that doesn't belong in the group.
- Creamy

10. Choose a non-undead monster.
- Poison Spore

Opción C

1. What is the increased dodge rate you get when you have the 'Improve Dodge' skill at level 10?
- 30

2. Which monster can detect someone who is hidden/cloaked?
- Whispers

3. Assassins can use dual weapons.  Which set of weapons below can an Assassin use?
- Damascus and Stiletto

4. Which town do you become a Thief in?
- Morroc

5. Which card has nothing to do with agility?
- Whisper Card

6. What makes Assassins so special?
- Excellent dodging ability

7. When an Assassin reaches a ^5533FFJob level of 50^000000, what is the added bonus he/she recieves to agility?
- 10

8. What piece of equipment cannot be used by an Assassin?
- Golden helm

9. When a Novice wants to become a Thief, what mushrooms does he/she need to steal?
- Orange Net Mushrooms
- Orange Gooey Mushrooms

10. What card listed below is useless to an Assassin?
- Elder Willow Card
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en lo de What is the best Sword to use in the Byalan Island? no es Sword, es Katar n.n'' no existe la sword of piercing wind


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