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Spotlight on Geffen returns!
Selected Rental items opened within the next two weeks will last 3 days longer!
All In One Ring Box
Combat Knife Box
Counter Dagger Box
Light Epsilon Box
Sage's Diary Box
Asura Box
Apple of Archer Box
Bunny Band Box
Elven Ears Box
Steel Flower Box
Critical Ring Box
Earring Box
Ring Box
Necklace Box
Glove Box
Brooch Box
Rosary Box
Safety Ring Box
Executioner Box
Cutlas Box
Moonlight Dagger Box
Wrench Box
Solar Sword Box
Tomahawk Box
Rudra Bow Box
Poll Axe Box
Halter Lead 7 Day Box
Halter Lead 30 Day Box
President's day bonus: +50% VIP exp and drops for two weeks!
Granny boxter will be updated NEXT week
Octopus monsters leave this week. You will still be able to turn them in for another week or so.
Raffler event leaves next week
Exp rewards being added to Valentines day single and repeatable quests
Turn Ins:
Low: Dark Priest/Wraith Dead
Mid: Vanberk/Snowier
High: Eremes/Kathryne Keyron
Midgard camp bounty board has an issue with the getting the reward for missions to hunt new world monsters and will be fixed
The Einbroch Prize medal NPC ate 30,000 medals from a user and gave nothing in return we are looking at the ticket to do a fix this maintenance.