Mantenimiento 23/12/2014


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Double monster Exp event !!!
Mora coin quest will now award job exp if you are over job level 50.
Costume Devoted Eyes become enchantable
Janeway will properly warp players to the Savages map
Updates and fixes for bounty board [Sorry, had to push additions this to next week]
RWC Boxes return to the item mall for 2 weeks.
Lighthalzen spotlight ends
Event Woes: During Maintenance we will be saving the investment and ownership data from the castles and turning off castle investment/treasure access NPCs from 12/23 until 1/7
For this week's event:
Woe TE: Novice/Supernovice Only
Woe 1: Nontrans characters only (1st and 2nd class characters expanded)
Woe 2: No MVP/No God item woe
New turn ins:
Low: Solider/Permeter
Mid: Purple Venatu/Centipede Larva
High: Armeyer Dinze (Merchant)/Petal