Mantenimiento 17/12/2014


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New Hugel Bounty Board with monsters from Thanatos Tower/Abyss Lake
Lighthalzen spotlight is changing to new world
Santa will no longer be occupying the same spot in space/time as the Eden Warper in Comodo
Boxter will be accepting items from this month's Lucky Box
Discount box for leveling consumables will be on sale (Battle Manuals/Bubblegum/Token of Siegfried/Insurance)
Prepping Event Woes for last WoEs of the year
VIP NPC that will provide warps to the entry NPC for the Biolabs 4 instance for players who have already completed the entrance quest
Reduction of Xmas quest cooldown to 12 hours instead of 22.
3 for 1 enchanting stone exchanger
Turn Ins
Low: Desert Wolf/Roween
Mid: Anolian/Draco
High: Knocker/Incarnation of Morroc (shadow)