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Hello there folks and Happy New Year! In 2015 we have some goodies we should be receiving from HQ soon, as well as expanding the projects like the Bounty Boards that we began last year.
We're declaring a moratorium on "guild drama" posts on the official boards just because it's been increasingly distracting from discussions folks are trying to have here.
We're still adding stuff and checking up on some reports of bugs so we'll be expanding the list of things as we verify they will be going in this week.
-We are checking the reports of issues taking bounty board quests, if you are not able to pick up a quest please also let us know what your character's name is so we can check what variables the character has.
-We're checking up on the reports from the post 175 skill update
-New Turn Ins
Low: Pest and Neraid
Mid: Sedora and Ancient Worm
High: Blue Acidus and Angra Mantis

-Enriched Hammer will leave tommorrow
-Granny boxter will be re-added.
-KVM will now properly be usable by characters over level 150
-Mora Bounty Boards, we are also tentatively removing the upper level restrictions on some of the high level boards so players level 150+ will still be able to use them
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